How it all began....

Back in the heartwarming beginnings of my handmade craft journey, well over 30 years ago, the roots of my creative business were planted. Picture me, innocently navigating the world of crocheting, feeling the yarn dance through my fingers. Little did I know, fate had a crafty adventure awaiting me at a local craft show—where I met a fellow crafter who was a doll maker and I was in total amazement.  
As I stood there, utterly enchanted by her doll display, a spark ignited within me. Sewing became the unexpected companion to my crafty endeavors. That craft show wasn't just a market—it was the kick-off to a new chapter in my crafting story. Doll-making quickly became my artistic crush, transforming my creative space into a sanctuary of handmade charm. Those dolls stole the show at local craft fairs, and my heart danced with every stitch.

But, oh, let's not forget the turning point! Amidst this whirlwind of creativity, I vividly recall crafting my very first sewn doll—a chubby bunny that I affectionately named "Chubby Bunny." And there, my friends, is where the magic truly unfolded. The joy and enchantment that little bunny brought to fellow creative women sparked something extraordinary. Fast forward through the years, and my crafty tale took unexpected turns. I opened a quaint gift shop, a haven for handmade treasures that echoed the spirit of my early creations. The joy of sharing my craft extended beyond local craft fairs. Soon, I found myself jotting down the lessons and adventures in a book, a guide for fellow crafters navigating the exciting world of craft shows.

Not stopping there, my handmade creations found their way into boutiques and gift shops, not just in my home state of North Carolina but also in the charming boutiques of Pennsylvania. Who would have thought that a chance encounter at a craft show and a chubby bunny could set the stage for a multifaceted, decades-long adventure?
So here I am, with over 30 years of crafting stories, each stitch and sew a chapter in my crafty tale. 
May this journey inspire you, my fellow creative women, to follow your spark and let your crafty magic unfold, whether it's in your own gift shop, the pages of a book, or showcased in boutiques across states.